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The Tallin Birth Story – LINDSI LANE

This was not the labour I had envisioned or planned. This for me was clear evidence of how a calm mother can help to create a calm baby. The hypnobirthing techniques I had learned helped me to stay relaxed and maintain an open mind throughout my birthing journey. I used pregnancy and birth affirmations through headphones, a cooling eye mask to help block out my surroundings and any distractions.

I also used a tens machine and gas and air to help manage the discomfort of surges. I listened to the Contraction Wave MP3 when surges became more intense. He is now 3 weeks old and people regularly comment on what an alert and chilled out baby he is. As a family we cannot thank Fernanda enough for all her help and support, we now highly recommend hypnobirthing and having a Doula to anyone we know expecting a baby! Your email address will not be published.

How to Make Your Birth Story Come True

Follow on Instagram. Our room was adorned with sweet decorations and beautiful flowers thanks to the nursing team and my co-residents.

10 Unbelievable True Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

We got settled in and the doctors started giving me medicine to help you come out. It was a long night for me! Your dad stayed up with me and held my hand and we talked about you and decided for sure that your name would be Milo.

How to change your beliefs, according to science.

We still could not decide on a middle name — we talked about all the ones on our list and still none of those would up being your name! Daddy tried to watch a movie while we waited on you, he wanted to pass the time, but it was hard to concentrate with everything going on. The next morning my doctor came in and told me I should get an epidural before she broke my water.

This turned out to be the only reason I got to be awake when you were born, I am so thankful she encouraged me to do it. Our nurse called the anesthesia team and one of the chief residents came and placed an epidural. It was the strangest feeling!!

Kincade’s Hypnobirthing Birth Story…

I asked them to turn it down a little bit, because I wanted to be able to move my legs a little better. They told me to give it a little time before we turned it down…this also turned out to play a big part in why I was able to be awake when you were born. Sometime after 8am our doctor came back and broke your bag of water. She said you were swimming in lots of water.

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A little bit later your heart rate started having some dips. Then I started to notice a bit more activity in our room — people coming in and out, asking questions, checking on you. It turns out your heart rate was dropping more often and staying a little bit too low for a little bit too long. Our doctors and nurses — all the wonderful people I work with every day — gathered in the room to turn me on each side and see if we could make your heart rate stay normal.

This is when I started worrying about you and if you were okay in there. At some point your heart rate was so low they wanted me to take all the pressure off of you by rolling all the way over on my hands and knees. This made staying on my hands and knees so hard!! Our team was watching you so closely and I was starting to get really nervous. I was crying and shaking, I was worried you were going to be sick or worse when you were born. We all left my labor room and RAN to the operating room for a c-section.