Diary of a Dirty Little Bitch

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Walker Cherry Madison Kowalski thought I was a bitch. Swift letter lxv 6 June in Journal to Stella When I read that passage upon Chester walls, as I was coming into town, and just received your letter, I said aloud—Agreeable B-tch.

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Killens Youngblood Well, kiss my Aunty in the country [ Landy Underground Dict. Books were bitches. Kellerman Stalker Her red Beemer convertible [ Australian Sydney 19 Oct. Greene Gun for Sale The kitten came to him [ Faulkner, pull the bitch out straight. Hamper Rivethead Your old pinup job is open. Pelecanos King Suckerman Park this bitch on the street.

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Pelecanos Sweet Forever [of a car] Turn this bitch over, man. Whoop whoop whoop. Barlay Hooky Gear Good. Lets get the bitch open. Hayward Corruption Officer [ebk] cap. Miller Roofs of Paris She [ Moore Chocolates for Breakfast Hiya, Sondra, you bitch, where have you been? Lovelace Schoolmaster We really have some crazy bitches working on this gang.

Mandelkau Buttons We voted to split to a strip bar and spent the evening boozing and picking up bitches. Call that gal Miss black bitch from here on! The bitches gone. Guardian Rev.

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Guardian Guide 1—6 Jan. Udo Vatican Bloodbath 7: Be cool, bitches! Some of these men are bitches too. Toole Rope Burns You a bitch, man [ Fielding Tom Jones I can tell your landlord is a vast comical bitch, you will like un hugely. Toldervy Hist. Marjory Fleming diary n. Songs of the Amer.

Wepman et al. Life He broke down and cried like a scared little bitch.

Dirty Little Bitch

Norman Guntz If she could attract these little bitches there was every chance she might have something. Wolfe Bonfire of the Vanities Suddenly the bitch comes out in him. That bitch would find me some dope. Pelecanos King Suckerman Fuck you, bitch. Goffard Snitch Jacket They picked up pool sticks [ Observer Sport 30 Jan. Cummins Tales of the Honey Badger [ebook] The physio [ Wordsworth Social Life at Eng. Proceedings Old Bailey 20 Apr. Pollock Und. Speaks n. Monteleone Criminal Sl. Cory Homosexual in America A camp is also a bitch.

Justin Prisoner Leave me alone you bitches [ Bunker Animal Factory Watch it, bitch! Pelecanos Sweet Forever There was this one bitch he had, his very own house mouse. Shaw Westsiders A bitch is prison slang for a gay submissive, or, equally shameful to a macho culture, a gay rape victim. A couple of officers look down at the young man disdainfully [ MacInnes Absolute Beginners The classical choir-boy manoeuvre that every self-respecting bitch most cordially disapproves of.

Hauser Homosexual Society I always like to live with another bitch but it is difficult because when I bring a nice Homie home, she wants him too. Bouton Ball Four Oyler [ Sampson Powder The coppers give chase and rugby-tackle the squealing bitch.


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Burgess Earthly Powers Knowing, of course [ Online Sl. Toole Rope Burns Shawrelle think Hymn be his bitch, and next trick Shawrelle try to pull to tell Hymn to carry his gym bag down to the street. Goldsmith Life of Richard Nash in Coll. Works III That damned bitch fortune, no later than last night, tricked me out of Burns Epistle to J. Heard Howard Street Yeah — we a bad influence on you!

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Dibdin Thanksgiving Setting it up was bitch central. Wheatle Crongton Knights I was in one bitch of a mess. Jenkins Semi-Tough Seems like Barb ought to get the privilege of one bitch in a lifetime. King Misery I only bitched about it once [ Jones Pugilist at Rest J. Sikes 8 Ball Chicks Their primary bitch is their love life. Toole Rope Burns He paid the tab without a bitch.

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Williams Diaries 3 Oct. July [Internet] Big Bitch: Convicted under the habitual criminal act which carries a mandatory life sentence.

Media Bitch's Diary 31 May

Rodriguez Spidertown 6: On the trunk. In pretty script. Cost me a bitch, man. Like a clog of meat. Harman Caveat Many of these hath had, and have children: when these get ought, either with begging, bitchery, or bribery as money or apparel, they are quickly shaken out of all by the upright men.

Stanihurst Description of Ireland in Holinshed Chron. England, etc The quip sat as unseemly in his mouth as for a whore to reprehend bitchery, or for an usurer to condemn simony. London Jilt pt 2 I ought to have considered on your Bitchery before I married you. London Mag. Buddy was on the non-stop to Bitchville. All he was missing was a pretty dress. Vernon Eyes of Orion I took a bitch bath, while two Iraqi artillery pieces burned about four hundred meters away. Williamson Long Time until Now [ebook] A bitch bath with an ammo can of hot water wasn't the same as a shower, but it was a fuck of a lot better than splashing in the stream.

College Sl.