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Lovecraft, are familiar.

Others, like August Derleth , the author of more than books that Mr. And steer clear of the ageless short novel that Mr. King has the wind at his back again.

Happily, he no longer confuses big books with long ones. It spans much of the lifetime of Jamie Morton, a Maine boy who is roughly Mr.

It has a small cast of characters and a length to suit that. But there are also wild cards. And they break all the rules.

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Charles Jacobs. The year is Jamie is 6, playing with soldier toys during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Reverend stops by to introduce himself. The Reverend loves electricity. Jamie is smitten; so is the Reverend, who is madly in love with his beautiful wife and little son.

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Raging and heartbroken, he gives a blasphemous but honest sermon that shakes the faith of all who hear it. The ancient oaths have at last been spoken; the spren return. Men seek that which was lost. I fear the struggle will destroy them.

The Endless King (Knights Of The Borrowed Dark Book 3) by Dave Rudden - Penguin Books New Zealand

It is the nature of the magic. A broken soul has cracks into which something else can be fit. Surgebindings, the powers of creation themselves. They can brace a broken soul; but they can also widen its fissures. The Lightweaver, slowly being consumed by her past, searching for the lie that she must become.

The Endless King

The Bondsmith, born in blood and death, striving to rebuild what was destroyed. Six years ago, the Assassin in White , a hireling of the inscrutable Parshendi , assassinated the Alethi King on the very night a treaty between men and Parshendi was being celebrated.

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Now the Assassin is active again, murdering rulers all over the world, using his baffling powers to thwart every bodyguard and elude all pursuers. Among his prime targets is Highprince Dalinar , widely considered the power behind the Alethi throne. Expected by his enemies to die the miserable death of a military slave, Kaladin survived to be given command of the royal bodyguards , a controversial first for a low-status darkeyes. Now he must protect the King and Dalinar from every common peril, as well as the distinctly uncommon threat of the Assassin, all while secretly struggling to master remarkable new powers that are somehow linked to his honorspren , Syl.

Brilliant but troubled Shallan strives along a parallel path.

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Despite being broken in ways she refuses to acknowledge, she bears a terrible burden: to somehow prevent the return of the legendary Voidbringers and their civilization-ending Desolation. The secrets she needs can be found at the Shattered Plains , but even arriving there proves more difficult than she imagined.

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Meanwhile, at the heart of the Shattered Plains, the Parshendi are making an epochal decision. Hard pressed by years of Alethi attacks, their numbers ever shrinking, they are convinced by their war leader, Eshonai , to risk everything on a desperate gamble with the very supernatural forces they once fled.

The consequences for both Parshendi and humans alike - indeed, for Roshar itself - are as dangerous as they are incalculable.