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What is Goal Setting and How to Do it Well

You will also learn how to write out your goals, using the SMART method which makes it easy to stay on track and resist temptations that may attempt to sidetrack you in directions you don't want to go. You will realize that when you align your goals with your purpose, pursue your vision with passion, you will have unlimited possibilities and the power to choose your future. The episode audio is being processed and will be ready shortly.

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2019 Goal Setting: 5 Strategies to Achieve Your Top Goals

You must accept the Terms and conditions to register. Publish To Social Networks. Company About Us. They have to be envisioned and well-thought-out goals that you truly believe will come to pass. The date is an important part of the recipe. Pick the day from the calendar. Just fill in the blanks. The date that you select is instrumental in the goal setting process because it helps you to break that goal down into milestones. Those milestones will help you to create markers that are effectively smaller goals on the way to your larger goal. When you pick your date, write it down along with the specifics of the goal.

Make it really big on top of the goal. Be sure that you have ample time to achieve that goal. Nothing is out of reach as long as you follow through every day, doing little by little, but you also want to ensure you set yourself up for long-term success. Remember that reasons come first, answers come second. When you want something badly enough, as in you have a powerful and strong enough reasons for wanting to achieve it, nothing will stand in your way.

10 Best Books on Goal Setting to Read

They have to be core reasons that penetrate into your deep-down values and belief systems. The reason you want that goal has to be compelling to the core of who you are. You want money because of the feelings associated with it. Freedom is one such reason. Time with family is another one. Contribution could also be another one. Make sure that your goals are measurable and that you can track them. They need to have a metric that you can track. For example, you can easily track a money goal when you decide on an amount of money.

You have a moving target. A specific amount, if you will. And you can measure your progress towards that amount every single day.

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This is crucial in your overall journey to achieve your dreams. You can track hours worked or minutes wasted or dollars spent and so on. The next step in setting your goal to maximize your chances of success it to create a massive action plan MAP.

Your MAP is the key to success with your goal. Your MAP is effectively your roadmap. Imagine an airplane or a car or any other moving vehicle try to get from one point to the next without a map. Your MAP needs to be meticulous in its overall detail. What steps will you take?

What will methods or strategies will you use? MAPs can take a long time to build.


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But the more time you invest on the front-end, the more likely it will be smooth sailing on the way to reaching your goals. What are the things that have held you back in the past from achieving your dreams? This is an important distinction to make. You simply have to do your best job to identify them. Dig deep. Talk to others. Use mind maps. Do whatever you can to identify the language and the beliefs that have been holding you back. Or, how can you have a realistic relationship goal, searching for a life partner, when you belief that all people are liars?

Can you see how a belief can stifle your goal? Identify the limiting beliefs best you can, then spend time refuting those beliefs. Get it out into the open with pen and paper. Those mental objections begin to take hold in our minds and they linger and pervade our thoughts, stifling our hopes and our dreams. Write down every mental objection you can think of.

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Then, write down a rebuttal. Refute that objection. If you think you have some sort of disability or limiting characteristic, do the same thing. This is all about focus.