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Enter me. Interned for the much needed position — actually was encouraged to send in my application. Within a few days I was called in for the interview, had the interview, and then asked what was the time frame of the decision. Manager that interviewed me said about two weeks with a shrug of his shoulders. She did her job, CCing both of said managers that day. Three weeks. Jet on May 31, at pm. Mary Adams on May 31, at pm.

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Friggin unbelievable. My husband was suddenly let go 2 months ago in CA. WE moved out here from the East Coast for this company. And they hate to give bad news? The bad news is that your company now has been marked for what it is…no common courtesy and no respect. Sandra on May 13, at am. Responding and closing the loop after interviewing candidates should be included as a required task in the hiring process. There really is no excuse.

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How does the company know whether or not they are burning bridge to a potential future client? How do they know whether or not the potential employee has connections to possible future business? Steve on April 30, at am. Warren Graef on March 28, at am. I have found that many great jobs including sales or marketing jobs are simply not open to anyone above a certain age. Companies advertise that they do not discriminate because of age, race, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation but they do. HR in a company is the most discriminating organization and they are well trained to do it.

Well, the interview was what we call a courtesy interview.

35 Insane Things People Have Done in Job Interviews

However, before you leave, they will tell you, as they are walking you to the door, that they will make their decision and get back to you within days for your second interview. If you are the one that they want to interview they will set a time and date before you leave. So what do you do? If you are African American and when you walk into the room you are the only one then take a look at the people employed by the company and it may be there are no others. So how do you overcome discrimination? HR personnel are well schooled on how to discriminate without violating the law.

There are other things you can do like tell your friends that the company is a discriminatory company and should not be trusted. Believe me, that has as much of an impact as their refusal. Word of mouth for or against a company is better than any other form of advertising. Bridgette on March 28, at am. I just re-direct my energy and ramp up my search. John on March 27, at am.

What I do not like is that some interviews start later than the time stipulated. I find it quite rude and abusive.

The 4 Things That Hiring Managers Desperately Want You to Do

If an applicant arrives late at an interview it is a bad start, but if the interviewer does not keep with the time it is no great deal. Interviewers act as if it is only the applicant who needs the company but not the other way round. Any clients and potential other candidates are likely to research them….

Simon on January 06, at pm. AL A on February 04, at pm. Jessica on November 21, at am. What a stupid article. Potential legal issues? Are you kidding me? That is not a thing. Simon on December 01, at am. Did you not have the option of working from home at your job?

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  • Sherry on October 26, at am. Lexi on October 11, at pm. So five weeks ago I had an interview with a nursery at a church. Everything went really well, I nailed the questions and they told me they would schedule a follow-up interview later. I am in college and really need the money.

    I have only had two jobs where I needed to apply and interview, and I got them both. I was making excuses for them since I had faith in a church having good people. I even offered to still volunteer there. She responded back with two sentences. The position is filled.

    Plus her email format was totally wrong. I was really excited for the job, and they crushed my hope and faith that the people of a church would do the right thing and left me wondering. So rude. Mary C Lee on December 17, at pm. It happens all the time in education — interviews for teacher positions.

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    So much for modeling the kind and fair way to behave. You took the time to dress up, drive to the interview, sit in a room with a team of teachers and administrators drilling you with questions…the respectful thing to do is to send a brief email telling the candidate that they did not get the job.

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    No response is rude and lacks integrity. I call bullshit on too busy. My time is valuable also.

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    Karen Crnich on October 10, at am. Theres all kinds of reasons for not getting a job but theres no excuse for not letting someone know whether they got the job or not. Oh maybe theres one, simply being a coward..