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What is the pronunciation of knockout? My Dictionary. Word of the Day match point a situation in a game such as tennis when the player who is winning will win the match if they get the next point. About this.

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Blog Tangy, tart and fruity: talking about flavours July 03, New Words mean world syndrome noun July 08, So obviously not under the terms that I would have really envisioned them being under, but nevertheless got to see a bunch of good friends, and that was fun. After being helped up and out of the cage, Askren immediately went to the hospital for tests. Askren: It couldn't have been long. I can't tell you exactly what time I went into the cage, but I can tell you that Jon Jones was still fighting when I was figuring stuff out. Jon Jones was still fighting and then I think I was out of the hospital before 10 p.

I'm not a doctor. I believe [I had] a CT scan and something else.

They said their tests didn't show anything, obviously. But the fact that I went unconscious, I believe that's defined as a concussion. Askren told Helwani on Monday he suffered no serious injuries.

Pride was the only thing that took serious damage. Askren: What am I going to do about it? Ask for a rematch? I don't deserve a rematch. I got knocked out in five seconds.

Ariel, sometimes life doesn't go your way. Sometimes you get your ass kicked, sometimes you lose.

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You don't have to like it, but you have to accept it. While speaking with media after the fight, Masvidal said he believes he deserves to be considered for the next UFC welterweight title shot. Brown: We'll cross that bridge [between Colby Covington and Masvidal] when it gets there. It's a nice problem to have.

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Both are amazing fighters. That's life-changing money. They are both deserving and, without a doubt, world-class badasses. I'm surprised they never gave the mic earlier or pushed him because he's a star. Without a doubt. His fighting speaks for himself, but he's a star. Really sincere and a bad dude. He's been fighting on the street since a teenager. He's skilled and game as they come.

I'm surprised they didn't give him the push earlier. I noticed [the improvement] before the Till fight. I asked him what he thought it was. He had some personal things going on, some lifestyle changes where he got some drama out of his life.

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I noticed this in his conditioning. His conditioning was a lot better. He said, 'I got rid of all the drama. My head is clear. Masvidal: I want to fight the world's best. I don't want to take another step back in my career. I'm too old to be taking these steps back. Let me tell you something, the UFC is going to have a problem if they keep letting this guy fight. They're probably going to have a lawsuit from hell I changed that mother f's life. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

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Askren doesn't remember knockout, feels fine 18h Marc Raimondi. Rockhold medically suspended with broken jaw 20h Marc Raimondi. Blachowicz gets 2nd-round KO vs.

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Rockhold 3d Marc Raimondi. Inside Daniel Cormier's mind for breaking down fight film 10d Marc Raimondi.

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Masvidal's initial thought after KO: 'I told you so' Jorge Masvidal describes training for his flying knee knockout of Ben Askren and his thoughts after it landed. Follow on Twitter. KO solves a different problem. As soon as your UI gets nontrivial and has a few overlapping behaviors, things can get tricky and expensive to maintain if you only use jQuery.

It lets you scale up in complexity without fear of introducing inconsistencies. The rest of the UI stays in sync. For example, you can declaratively bind a SPAN to display the number of items as follows:.