Mark Zuckerberg: Ten Lessons in Leadership

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The best leaders encourage debate and discussion.

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They want to know what might go wrong before it goes wrong. That way, adjustments could be made early.


Shutting down your team has a negative side effect: The best people tend to leave. Great leaders are self-confident enough to handle the give-and-take that characterize how top teams work. Great leaders are accountable for actions and results. Facebook was slow to make mobile work a few years ago, but Zuckerberg acknowledged that mistake and spearheaded a major shift in how the company does business. Think about how that message must have resonated among the rank-and-file. Great leaders are teachers. They deliver multiple layers of lessons at once.

Just as valuable is a second layer of lessons: the make-or-break advice great leaders impart on how to run businesses and lead organizations.

The 10 Lessons We Can Learn From Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg: Ten Lessons in Leadership

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Harari takes on a daunting challenge: to tell the entire history of the human race in just pages. But Harari doesn't dwell on the past. He looks toward a future in which genetic engineering and artificial intelligence make our definition of "human" even more fluid. From Gates: "I would recommend Sapiens to anyone who's interested in the history and future of our species. Robotic automation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and renewable energy are just some of the fields that will come to define the s, he writes.