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The Bodeket Part III

I guess, if he reported it to a Beit Midrash full of men, they would have known what their own wives did, and therefore, been able to call him out on it if what he were saying were not common practice. But even if he was right, in a patriarchal society in which religion is power i. As for the rabbinic laws that cropped up around nidah, if we believe that the rabbis are human beings and men, it is almost impossible that they would not be influenced by the society and time period in which they lived, including the sexism and menstrual taboos.

God invested the rabbis with the authority to make halakha. The minute authority is invested in human beings, who are imperfect, it follows that the laws they create will be imperfect as well.

Think of a teacher, faced with the choice of making all the rules for their fifth grade class, or giving the class certain principles or hard-set rules, and allow the class to, as a community, decide on how to translate those into the nitty-gritty rules of daily life in school. However, if the teacher wants their children to develop as human beings and as a community, giving them the power to make rules -including the power to make mistakes and silly rules — is probably the way to go. This does not make halakha any less binding.

The rabbis retort that the authority to make Jewish law is not in heaven — it has been invested by the rabbis.

Nidah by Dafna Sudri

This is similar to the US Constitution: Congress might pass laws I disagree with, but if I wish to be a law-abiding citizen, I must obey those laws, even as I take the government to court and hope the rule will be overturned by the Supreme Court. This means that Shayna Abramson.

The goal was to show that menstruation was normal, and not a result of demonic forces, which was a common belief. A Rabbi must be consulted to determine the Nidah status, as not all bleeding from medical intervention is actually Nidah. Birth control methods used only with Rabbinical determination may cause uterine bleeding. Hormonal contraceptives may cause spotting or staining, until the body adjusts to the hormones.

Some women may experience occasional breakthrough bleeding, while using hormonal contraceptives. D, whether hormonal, or non-hormonal, may also cause spotting or staining until the body adjusts to this foreign object.

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Pregnancy may cause uterine bleeding due to reasons that are inconsequential, or due to reasons that require medical attention. Although a woman is not menstruating during pregnancy, uterine bleeding at this time would cause her to enter the Nidah status.

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Any bleeding during pregnancy should be checked by a physician. Fertility testing may cause bleeding from the uterus which may be considered Nidah. Fertility treatment using hormonal agents may cause uterine bleeding that would be considered as Nidah. This bleeding is not menstruation but it does cause the Nidah status.

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This bleeding may occur sporadically or cyclically. Spotting and staining during the reproductive years is rarely a sign of dire disease.

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You have time to call your doctor and schedule an appointment to determine the cause of bleeding. However, if you are pregnant, please call your doctor that day. If you have heavy bleeding call your doctor or Hatzolah right away.