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Mike just wants to get his big break. Then, after a disastrous try out, he lands a role that is made just for him. Could it really be one of them? Whoever the killer is, we are given some of the Paper Doll Killers thoughts as part of the story, they are a troubled soul and there is some graphic description in the book. We are not privy to the direct police investigation as the book is written from the points of view of the flat mates and the killer.

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Emma Pullar has written a dark tale which takes us on a twisty road to discovery. When that discovery comes it is shocking and quite saddening.

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This book gives a perspective on a murder, or rather a murderer, that asks as many questions as it answers. Mar 27, Alyson Read rated it really liked it. Mike, Kerri and Beatrice share a flat in London. Mike plays a sad Pierrot clown mime act in Trafalgar Square in the day time and dresses as his drag act alter ego Micha at night.

Kerri is an aspiring reporter for the Trafalgar Times although her epilepsy causes her problems and is viewed by her boss as a handicap. Beatrice is a struggling fiction writer.

Although she m Mike, Kerri and Beatrice share a flat in London. Although she managed to have a successful book published years ago, she has produced a series of flops lately and her new agent wants Bea to try her hand at a different genre, namely crime fiction. In a disused warehouse Kerri stumbles upon the corpse of Larry the Lout, a known sex offender, found murdered with gruesome mutilations and an old-fashioned dress up paper doll left next to him.

A photo of his face has been stuck onto it. Overjoyed to have found her big reporting break Kerri searches out reports of the much earlier murders of a husband and wife where two similar dolls have been left. And Bea is delighted to have found her new storyline, one which her agent believes will be a bestseller.

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As another murder takes place everyone is asking why the killer paints his victims faces with blood and what is the meaning of the paper dolls? Now that all three friends appear to have links to the killings, are any of them really safe? It is generally well written and very up to date but I think occasionally relies on shock tactics a little too much.

The prologue is extremely graphic and designed to have a huge impact. Although the most part of the book after that is nowhere near as horrifying I am afraid that some readers will be put off right at the start. We learn early on that the killer has been abused sexually as a foster child and now appears to be getting her revenge on those who carry out these atrocities. It was not hard to guess the truth behind who the killer is as there were plenty of clues left throughout the book, but it was still nice to be proved right.

It is impossible to say much more about the ending without giving away any spoilers, just to say that it is dark but probably not in the way one would expect, and some readers will disagree that it could even exist. Recommended, especially for those who enjoy something darkly different. May 27, Neats rated it really liked it. I've seen a lot of people talking about this book lately so I decided that it was time that I read it for myself and it certainly didn't disappoint.

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The prologue was gruesome and I was hooked! Kerri, Beatrice and Mike all share a flat but despite this they are mostly like the proverbial ships that pass in the night. Each one of them is focusing on bettering themselves in their chosen careers, Kerri is a journalist, Beatrice an author and Mike a frustrated street mime artist, but each I've seen a lot of people talking about this book lately so I decided that it was time that I read it for myself and it certainly didn't disappoint.

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Each one of them is focusing on bettering themselves in their chosen careers, Kerri is a journalist, Beatrice an author and Mike a frustrated street mime artist, but each one of them is struggling with their own personal issues. When a serial killer dubbed the Paper Doll Killer starts to gain notoriety with their calling card of painting their victims faces with blood and leaving a paper doll at the scene, all three flatmates are horrified to discover that they could all have potential links to this deranged murderer but what is it that's connecting the victims?

Told in chapters alternating between the three flatmates and cleverly interspersed with chapters from the killers perspective, Paper Dolls is a book that pulls no punches right from the outset, so if, unlike me, you're a sensitive reader, this might not be the book for you.

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Personally I love a big of gore in my books, no crime scene is ever pretty not that I've experienced one first hand! Each character in the book has their flaws and I found myself swaying between love and hate with all three of them.

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The more I read, the more involved I got with them and their lives and the more intrigued I was by the killer. As the story ramped up towards the end, I was convinced that I knew exactly who the Paper Doll Killer was - only to then have all my reasoning's snatched away from me by the dramatic turn of events. I certainly didn't see THAT one coming!! This is the first book that I've read by Emma Pullar - but I have read London's Crawling, a short story in Dark Minds, a collection of short stories from various well-known authors published for charity - and I'll definitely be watching out for her future books.

If you like to venture into the dark side of crime then Paper Dolls could be just the book for you! Mar 30, Janice rated it really liked it. I have to admit that a few chapters in, I was ready to put this one aside. Thinking back, the clues are very cleverly scattered throughout, but I think I was probably racing through the book, desperate to get to the punchline — when I got there, I did literally gasp out loud!!


That does not happen often. Kerri, Be I have to admit that a few chapters in, I was ready to put this one aside. Kerri, Beatrice and Mike are all struggling to find their way in their chosen careers. Their kindly old landlady tries to look out for them as best she can though — when she sees them.

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Kerri is trying to impress her boss and attempting to get-ahead in the cut-throat excuse the pun world of journalism. And Mike — I found him such a sad character — works as a mime in Trafalgar Square by day and goes out as his alter-ego, drag queen Micha, by night. May 11, T.

Quite an interesting book. For half the book I was not sure what was happening. A killer is on the loose. She is a child abuse victim. She is on serial killing spree killing pedophilic killers. And then we are taken deep into the lives of three flat mates - a journalist, an author with mental health issues and gay cross dresser with alcohol issues.

In usual crimes usually it is a whodunnit where you try to figure out who the criminal is. Or at least there you try to figure how the crime was comm Quite an interesting book. Or at least there you try to figure how the crime was committed. But here we are shown the criminal committing the crime.

So what is the suspense. Instead we are going through the lives of three flatmates whose lives the crimes have touched in different ways.

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This was different from any crime novels I have read - a crime seen from the eyes of three bystanders rather than from the eyes of the police or the criminals. Actually we never get to see any police procedural at all. So in that sense I call it a genre game changer. Then when you are wondering how all this is connected and where the story is headed, the sudden twist comes in. You think there it is and then towards the end another twist comes like a screw knife plunged into you, turned once and you are thinking it us over, it is turned one more time.

I must really appreciate the author's imagination having conceived of such twists. Other than the crime, the author also manages to take us deep into the lives of the three characters, see their trials and tribulations, their insecurities, struggles and aspirations. A journalist wanting to write sensational pieces, an author struggling to get that elusive book contract and a gay cross dresser seeking to get princess roles in plays.

Overall the story does require some suspension of disbelief to take in the ending. And there was a sense of disorientation in the middle wondering where everything is headed. Otherwise a decent read. This book has one of the most gruesome and graphic prologues I can remember reading and it had me hooked.